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Psalms 138:8  The Lord will perfect that which concerns me.

I am so grateful for that scripture!  Wow – what an amazing God we serve.  Some people would take this scripture totally out of context and have the attitude that God will give you everything you want, take care of all your problems in the manner in which you want them taken care of, just simply because we ask Him to do so.  Well, that is not the proper meaning.

Our relationship with the Lord is a matter of the heart.  Always remember, God sees and weighs your heart.  When others around you falsely accuse you or take you wrong, but you know in your heart that your motives and actions were pure, then rest in knowing that God is judging you by your heart, not by what others say about you.  What a great comfort!  If your heart is right before the Lord – now listen closely. I didn’t say, “perfect” before the Lord, after all, we are human and He knows that!  But, if your heart is set on pleasing the Lord, following after the things that please Him, diligently living your life in accordance to the Scripture, then when you present a need to the Lord, “He will perfect that which concerns you”. 

You need to also understand that “perfecting that which concerns you” doesn’t mean He will do everything the way YOU want it done.  God knows what we need and how it fits into His plan for our lives.  Really, in asking God to help us, we are also surrendering to the fact that we trust Him completely and totally to do what is best for us.  Sometimes what He deems best for us doesn’t appear that way to us at first.  Trust Him!  Cast your cares on Him, let the Lord take care of your needs and don’t get ahead of Him in some attempt to fix it yourself. 

I’ve heard the statement “Let go and let God” many times in my life.  There is truth in that.  He will not fight you to take control, but He is quick to hear you when you make your request known to Him.  Remember that when things in the natural seem uncertain, trust God and rest in the knowledge that He is truly in control and He will “perfect that which concerns you”.