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Dave and Kathy Wampler


Kathy Wampler grew up in Louisiana before moving to Texas in 1991 to be in full time ministry. Her parents are David and Frances Allen, who pastor in Natchitoches, Louisiana.  Having grown up in a pastor’s home, she was given a wonderful foundation that has supported her throughout her life.  Her strongest desire is for God to transform people through her message.  She ministers through a combination of speaking and singing.  Kathy realizes that a song with a great message can change the heart of the listener, and the right word spoken at the right time can draw people to Christ. She is not interested in “performing”, but in communicating the truth of the gospel of Jesus.

When I choose a song, the message of that song has to touch me first.  Kathy has made this statement time and time again.  Her focus is not to sing any song, but a specific song with a powerful message of Christ that will minister to the heart of every person who listens.  If she is not moved by the message, how can she expect anyone else to be touched?  Music is a powerful tool that can minister to the soul. 

The truth never waivers, and that truth is found in the written Word of God.  While Kathy loves to sing and has done so all of her life, she realizes that it is the power of the gospel and preaching the message of Christ that will bring people to a personal relationship with Jesus.  Kathy studies the scripture and preaches it in an uncompromising way, not watering down the message to make you feel good.  She is more concerned with being accurate than accommodating. 

As well as traveling and ministering on their own, Kathy and her husband, David, have traveled with Dave Roever Ministries since 1991.  Kathy is the soloist for Roever Ministries and David is Mr. Roever’s assistant, handling the sound, video, and technical details.

Kathy has been married to David since 1993 and they make their home in Westcliffe, Colorado.  Kathy is a credentialed minister.  David produces Kathy’s records and plays drums on all of her recordings.  They travel across the country sharing their music and the gospel of Christ in concerts, television programs, and conventions.  Kathy has had the wonderful opportunity to minister in a variety of situations.  She has keynoted Ladies Conferences, as well as provided special music, ministered in concert settings, preached in Sunday services, and taught seminar classes.